One step ahead

Manufacture du Haut Rhin – MHR – cumulated an unrivalled experience in designing, manufacturing and commissioning ammunition production solutions for a century. The company, located in the industrial region of Alsace and close to Switzerland and Germany, is at the heart of a cluster of excellence in mechanical design.

We deliver the best in performance and reliability

We also know that the future is to build today, and that manufacturing ammunitions is raising new challenges for the 21st century. That is why we take steps to renew our organization and systems, develop our core competencies and continuously improve our designs. The benefits rely in even more performing machines, a more integrated manufacturing process, more stability, an enhanced maintainability and reduced cost of exploitation. Operationally, we shorten our lead times and entered into the philosophy of the “right-first-time” by developing a structured development process. No surprise, our lines will perform.

We reinvent the standard of excellence

The power of change is enhanced by our core beliefs that remain intangible.

A strong belief relies in our passion for mechanics: we believe in mechanics ingenuity. Less wear, strategic independence, easier manufacturing of spare parts, higher throughput with stability over time are just a few advantages of our solutions brought by the best of the breed in mechanical engineering.

We also value our core skills as jewels to nurture, and we define them to be not only our design skills , but also our practical know-how on customer sites. Here comes the term manufacture: literally made from one’s hand. This know-how is transferred to our customers, so that they can optimize their manufacturing setup, as a “living body”, by understanding the parameters of influence and tuning the line.

The difference: high performance ammunitions, stable process over years and strategic independence for our customers.