About Manufacture du Haut Rhin - Manurhin

Manufacture du Haut Rhin (MHR) is a French company established in Mulhouse (France) since 1919, historically known under its brand of ammunition production machines :


For over a century, our core business and know-how consist in designing, developing, manufacturing and commissioning turnkey production processes and equipment for small and medium caliber ammunition, together with all the services of a fully equiped ballistic laboratory.
In a nutshell, we make the machines with which our clients produce their own ammunition.

Our capabilities span all military, security, sport and hunting calibers. MHR's machines cover the whole production process, from raw material to bullet, case manufacturing, cartridge loading and assembly, automatic control, final packing or linking, and ballistic proofing.

Based on our vast experience in demanding military standards (NATO, Mil-Spec, DM,…), we deliver tailor-made solutions.


MHR transfers the manufacturing know-how until the complete set-up of the machines or lines, ensuring our customer's production is compliant with their specifications.

MHR "Manurhin" machines are, today, located in all major ammunition producers throughout the world, testament to the value our
 customers place in our brand with over 13,000 machines installed since the company’s establishment and more than
 5,000 machines remaining in service with over 60 countries around the world.

MHR represents the largest installed base of ammunition production machinery with continued MRO services being provided for legacy machines dating back to the 1920s.

Manurhin's values of reliability, precision, quality and efficiency, of both our machines and our internal processes (ISO 9001 : 2015 certified), guide our every day practice. We commit on delivering “made in France” machines of the highest quality.
MHR has been and will continue to support its clients on machines in service since the 1920's.

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We are hiring !

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