July 30, 2020

New management system

«MHR: La Manufacture du Haut Rhin launched its new management system on Friday the 26th of June, at the museum “Cité de l’Automobile” in Mulhouse. #MHR business being the design and delivery of large technical projects, the move to a dedicated organization supported with world class project management practices and tools was a strategic initiative launched early this year.

Based on concepts inherited from the Aerospace sector, but tailored for MHR business, this new management system is one cornerstone of MHR transformation towards #excellence. Dramatically reduced lead-times, better control, faster set-up on the customer site and transparent information are some of the benefits for our customers.

For a century, MHR has been pioneering the #technology for manufacturing small to medium #ammunitions. Today’s requirements have evolved and MHR is renewing its leadership by providing a higher value to the market. »