Purpose: This mechanical vertical transfer press is dedicated for case manufacturing (drawing / pinch trimming and heading / piercing / tapering operations) in the range of rifle and pistol cases.

Caliber range: 9 mm - 5.56 mm - 7.62 mm - etc. (with help of suitable conversion equipment)

Theoretical rate: 125 ppm

Basic data:

Number of stations 16
Operating force 1 000 kN
Main slide stroke 240 mm
Station pitch 75 mm
Machine overall dimensions 3 300 x 2 700 x 4 100 mm
Net weight 27 000 kg
Installed power 28 kVA
Compressed air 6 bar (2°C dew point)

Main features:

  • Cup feeding by self-motorized feed-hopper
  • Draw feeding by self-motorized feed-hopper
  • The frame (type arcade monobloc) is oversized and made of quality cast-iron to ensure optimum resistance and stiffness.
  • Pneumatically operated brake/clutch with integrated control of command valve
  • The main slide (ram) is equipped with precision guidings and operated by crankshaft.
  • Transfer slide is operated by cam oscillator box (in oil bath).
  • Speed adjustable by frequency variator
  • Centralized automatic lubrication with recirculation of lubricant for upper machine part
  • Separate tank with pump for tooling lubrication on drawing operations
  • Vacuum pump for punched fire-hole chips
  • Command panel with touch-screen human machine interface (HMI) centralizing all controls and displaying the production counting, rate, defect messages and maintenance instruction
  • All functions are managed by programmable logic controller (PLC)
  • Separate electrical cabinet
  • Set of cables between electrical cabinet and machine, 20 m length (longer being optional)