MHR has accumulated a span of expertise focused on the ammunition production technologies.

Engineering capability

MHR engineering competence spans the entire process of ammunition production from cold deformation through to final packaging with rigorous quality control throughout ensuring compliance with international standards such as NATO.

Know-how includes:

  • Cold forming processes for cases, bullets and cores.
  • Intermediate thermal and surface treatment for components such as degreasing, pickling and annealing (body, mouth).
  • Turning machine providing extraction groove, length trimming and mouth chamfering.
  • Automatic high-rate accurate dimensional control of finished case and cartridge.
  • Primer inserting and crimping.
  • Case mouth and primer varnishing.
  • Cartridges assembly and loading.
  • Tip painting, blank ammunition sealing.
  • Automatic packaging and linking operations greatly reducing manpower requirements.
  • Foolproof mechanisms, mechanical error detections.
  • Automated visual inspections through high throughput cameras and smart software.
  • Automation and machine software design and coding.
  • Design of ammunition production plant including:
    • Production shop layout and flow organization & optimization
    • QA/QC and manufacturing procedures
    • Safety recommandations
    • Buildings recommandations
  • Supervision system to monitor production status in real time (production rate, error, shift records,...) widely customizable.
  • Hand Gauges linked to Statistical Process Control (SPC) system to manage process deviation (tool wearing,...) in real time.
  • QA/QC and ballistic laboratories, shooting range in compliance with applicable standard as MOPI.
  • Integrated training program for unskilled person from basic training to expert.
  • Ammunition production process from raw material to final packaging.
  • Design of new process for new ammunition (tooling design,...).

Setting capability

Our technicians have the capabilities to set up lines of production and adapt the process to characteristics of the raw material, the incoming supplies, in any environment conditions. Trained over multiple projects on many different calibers, they first set and commission the machines in our facilities and then in our customer premises, up to the final set-up and commissioning based on real shooting tests.

Know-how includes:

  • Assembly & fine adjusting:
    • Assembly of precision mechanical product and machines
    • Fine adjusting and synchronization
    • Electrical and hydraulic cabling, loading and automation program implementation
    • Set up mechanical motions
  • Process setting:
    • Set up tooling and handling of products (punch, dies, ejectors, clamps,...) by machining, milling, grinding and die-sinking EDM
    • Stabilization of a production line with high Cp and Cpk performances
    • Improving production efficiency
    • Integration of a single ammunition machine into an existing line advising and training customer’s operators while commissioning
    • Setting chemicals dosing, heat treatment duration and temperature
    • Product injuries in process prevention

Testing capability

Line setting is a science supported by extensive dedicated means:

  • Metallurgical physical and chemical tests for raw material analysis
  • Control during each stage of production as well as final dimension in accordance with international standards
  • Possibilities of both automated and visual aspect controls to monitor continued levels of quality
  • Final product ballistic testing and calibration to ensure conformity with international standards

Project management capability

Managing the development and installation of full tailor made production lines requires not only to control the overall planning but also to address sensitive topics such as export requirements and authorizations, packaging and logistics. Backed up with an expert sales administration team, our project managers are trained to develop a risk reduction approach. Our internal management process has been streamlined and is supported with an enterprise project management software and management routines inspired by – and adapted from -  V&V (verification and validation) and QRQC (Quick Response Quality Control) concepts from the Aerospace and Defense sector.

Know-how includes:

  • V&V cycles: early verification and validation in the development process, APQP
  • Supply chain smart planning, for example early identification of long lead time items, cycle reduction
  • Supplier performance management
  • Quality control
  • Change process and configuration management
  • Risk management
  • Quick response to unexpected events
  • Multi-projects planning, resources optimization
  • Project Management Reviews and reporting
  • Company-wide efficient collaboration
  • Governmental authorization, export control of war material
  • International logistics
  • Packing

Service capability

Servicing goes much further than delivering spare parts. We bring our expertise and improving designs to our legacy customers, so to empower their existing assets and improve them into the 21th century. Faster rate, more up time, easier maintenance, easier conversions and upgrade due to obsolescence are just some topics that we regularly address hand-to-hand with our customers.

Know-how includes:

  • Conversion of existing machines, capacity and capability increase
  • Reliability improvements, upgrading
  • Refurbishment of old equipments and machines
  • Troubleshooting on site and remotely
  • Process improvement
  • Spare parts delivery and dedicated strategy implementation to reduce delivery time
  • Local supply chain development, know-how transfer and quality control
  • Optimized tooling
  • Training (mechanical, electrical, automation, process)
  • On the job training, interim workers
  • Audit on machines: mechanics, automation, improvement opportunities
  • Audit on process : ammunition production, munition quality issue, improvement opportunities

Global presence

MHR machines are, today, located in all major ammunition producers throughout the world, testament to the value our
 customers place in our brand with over 13,000 machines installed since the company’s establishment and more than
 5,000 machines remaining in service with over 60 countries around the world.

MHR represents the largest installed base of ammunition production machinery with continued MRO services being provided for legacy machines dating back to the 1920s.